Clarisse Umutesi Mwitegereze

Clarisse works with Resonate as a Trainer. Before joining Resonate, Clarisse worked for Sanejo on a five-year project as the Rwanda Program Coordinator where she coordinated, coached and mentored university interns working with the Ntenyo School in English and computer literacy. Her favorite moments were when the school and community members practiced their English with her. She also loved watching the pride in the school community as teachers consistently received teaching merit awards in the district, while graduates secured secondary school scholarships and admissions in schools of excellence.

Furthermore, Clarisse worked for The Mediae Company where she worked on a range of projects focusing on community development, education and media production. One of those is the KnowZone Rwanda, where Clarisse trained primary school teachers on new participatory teaching methodologies and the use of ICT in the classroom.

During her previous professional, leadership and mentorship responsibilities, Clarisse always put a special emphasis on supporting women and girls on her team to reach their potential, as she is passionate about women’s empowerment and development.

Clarisse graduated from the National University of Rwanda in Translation and Interpretation studies.