Leadership Coach

Greta Cowan

Since 1999 Greta Cowan has been coaching
clients on The Four P’s: helping leaders to
connect with and congruently communicate their
passion, lead with their principles, find clarity
of purpose, and leverage their full, authentic
leadership presence. She helps clients make their vision of the future vivid, compelling, tangible, and possible

Greta is a certified leadership coach who has worked nationwide and abroad with a wide variety of executives. Coaching not-for-profit leaders is her specialty; working with organizations like The American Red Cross, Acumen Fund, Achievement First, Uncommon Schools, and the National Cancer Institute. Greta brings a dynamic blend of humor, compassion, honesty, and rigor to her approach to coaching; helping leaders become more inspired and inspirational. Greta has taught and lectured at Harvard University Executive Education, Darden Business School, and Columbia Business School under the auspices of the Executive Education and Executive MBA departments and the Institute for Not-for-Profit Management.