Administrative Associate

Liliane Nsengiyumva

Liliane is Resonate’s Administrative Associate. She previously served as Resonate’s Impact Intern. She was a participant in Resonate’s leadership workshops through the Imbuto Foundation, and was impressed with how Resonate is changing the lives of numerous women and girls in Rwanda. She wanted to stay involved with the team, and assisted Resonate’s activities as a coach before applying to the role of Impact Intern. She is also participating in Resonate’s Impact Evaluation study as an enumerator.

Liliane is a Toastmaster, a public speaker and a competent leader Toastmasters’ projects. She previously worked for Fiatope Digital Solution in charge of administration support. She has a background in project management through her recent work with Ishyo Arts Center in their local and international art projects, working with different experts to grow the art industry in Rwanda.

Liliane is a graduate in Real Estate Management and Valuation from the University of Rwanda.