Participant Advisory Council


David Kinzuzi

David Kinzuzi is a Burundian studying at Kepler University, pursuing a degree in Healthcare Management with a concentration in Global Perspectives. He attended one of Resonate’s workshops on Storytelling for Leadership and Professional Readiness, where he learned a lot about how he can use stories to inspire other people.

David has a passion for communication and healthcare delivery. He believes in advocacy and volunteering as a tool of raising awareness about non-communicable diseases. Additionally, David is an aspiring social entrepreneur who loves swimming, cooking and meeting new people.


Babra Mulinda

Babra Frida Mulinda is a student at the Akilah Institute studying Information Systems. She participated in Resonate’s workshop in 2015 in her first year at Akilah. She was inspired by the stories shared during the workshop and how you can change someone’s life by sharing a story. She was inspired by Resonate’s co-founder, Solange Mpanoyimana when she shared her background story and made Babra feel that whatever may happen in life, she has to be resilient and fight for herself to be successful in life. Since that workshop, Babra kept in touch with Resonate. Her long time goal is to be a programmer that will help people in their everyday lives and make their lives easier.


Angelique Kwizera

Angelique Kwizera is a recent graduate of the College of Science and Technology with a Bachelor’s of Science in Estate Management and Valuation. She is interested in girls and women’s empowerment and strongly believes in women’s ability to change their community. She attended one of Resonate’s workshops in 2016 and was inspired by using storytelling to develop leaders and build self-confidence and joined the Participant Advisory Council to stay in touch with Resonate and contribute to the organization.


Alice Kubwimana

Alice Kubwimana is a Kepler University student, pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with concentration in Logistics and Operations. She was a participant in the Professional Readiness workshop organized by Resonate and was impressed with how Resonate has introduced the best way of telling people who you are through storytelling. Alice is a hardworking and courageous leader. She believes that through helping others with the little you have, you can make the world a better place. She is passionate in helping other girls build up a self confidence in themselves and wants to see girls that are optimistic about their future.


Jean Paul Iranzi

Jean Paul Iranzi is a student in the Chemistry department at the University of Rwanda. He participated in Resonate’s leadership workshops through the Imbuto Foundation. Jean Paul is passionate about peace-building as well as youth empowerment and volunteered with Never Again Rwanda for 3 years. Jean Paul is a former President of Ijambo Toastmasters club, a club that helps people improve their communication skills and become public speakers.