The Telegraph

Hit the Ball and Smile – How Cricket is Helping to Build a Brighter Future in Rwanda, October 28, 2017

Resonate’s partnership with the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation was highlighted in The Telegraph’s coverage of RCSF’s community outreach. Read more >>>

Kigali Employment Service Centre

KESC Partners with Resonate to Empower the Women Job Seekers, September 20, 2017

City of Kigali through Kigali Employment Service Centre (KESC) in partnership with Resonate are currently conducting a training to encourage female jobseekers to face their challenges by boosting their Leadership skills. The two days training is being attended by 22 female job seekers and took place at KESC premises in Kimisagara formerly known as “Maison des Jeunes”. Read more >>>

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Global Social Benefit Institute, August 22, 2017

Resonate Founder and CEO Ayla Schlosser presenting at the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship’s Global Social Benefit Institute. Watch Here>>>

Hearts on Fire 

Visionary of the Month, July 12, 2017

Ayla Schlosser makes a great first impression. What you see is an intelligent, articulate, confident young woman. What you don’t see is the story she has kept buried, an experience that will resonate with almost every young woman.

It happened when Ayla was studying abroad in Spain. But it can happen to anyone, anywhere, even close to home. What happened was that Ayla fell in love; at least, she thought that’s what it was. Read more> > >

Spring Accelerator

19 East African Businesses Chosen to Launch Product and Service Innovations to Transform the Lives of Girls, March 31, 2017

9 businesses committed to making a lasting positive difference to the lives of adolescent girls aged 10-19 from across Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda have been chosen for SPRING Accelerator’s third cohort. It is the accelerator’s third cohort, returning to East Africa where it all began in 2015.

This year’s cohort brings together a mix of early, growth and more mature stage businesses whose leadership has made a clear commitment to innovation and girl impact. Each will work with leading Human-Centred Design experts… Read more>>

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Blog

Introducing the 2017 GSBI Accelerator Cohort, February 08, 2017

“When I heard, “And the winner is Wendo Dorcas” that evening I took the trophy to my room, sat on my hotel bed and cried until my ribs hurt. I cried for the woman who did not have confidence in herself, who considered herself inferior, who was fearlessly afraid, who was so proud of herself for doing something she had never done before… Read more>>>

Girls’ Globe

Fundraising While Female, November 08, 2016

“I want to apologize to all the women I have called beautiful before I’ve called them intelligent or brave. I am sorry I made it sound as though something as simple as what you’re born with is all you have to be proud of when you have broken mountains with your wit. From now on… Read more>>

Berkeley Blog

Why Stories Matter: Quantifying the Effects of a Women’s Leadership Program in Rwanda, October 19, 2016.

Think about your values. Think of a time in your life when your actions demonstrated those values. Now think of a story from your life that illustrates those values — a story where you faced a challenge, made a choice and realized an outcome.

This is what women in Rwanda do during Resonate’s Storytelling for Leadership workshops, as they develop a “story of self.” Read more>>

Conscious Company Magazine

What If All You Needed Was a Better Way to Frame Your Story? August, 2016

According to the UN, women globally could increase their income by up to 76 percent and an approximate global value of $17 trillion would be added to the economy if the employment participation gap and the wage gap between women and men were closed. Even in a place like Rwanda, where 64 percent of Parliament members are female …Read more>>

The NewTimes

Imbuto launches youth empowerment workshops, June 09,2016.

Imbuto Foundation kick-started yesterday in Kigali, a series of workshops on storytelling for leadership, professional readiness and development, as part of its Youth Empowerment and Mentorship Programme, which since 2007 has been implementing an array of activities on a national scale, to fully engage, educate and empower young people…Read more>>

Skees Family Foundation

Be a Hummingbird:Using Story to Heal East African Women by Suzanne Skees, February 21, 2016

We’re happy and honored to have helped support the production of this brand-new video that explains the work of Resonate Workshops, an organization serving Rwanda and Uganda that is distinctly brave, local, feminine, and tenaciously hopeful . . . just like the hummingbird…Read more>>

Elephant Journal

Transforming Women’s Rights in Rwanda, via, February 8,2016.

Could the same grassroots organizing and powerful storytelling from Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign for the United States be scaled up to transform the women’s rights movement?….Read more>>

Atlas of the Future

Yes she can! Resonate’s Storytelling for Leadership, November 27,2015

It is over two decades since Rwanda experienced one of the most brutal genocides in history. Now, as progress has been made in restoring law and order and improving governance, the country is emerging as a development and economic success story, not least because women are becoming increasingly more empowered…Read more>>


How Unlocking Leadership in Rwanda Women Makes Their Voices Resonate by Unreasonable Institute, September 2015

On an otherwise reasonable evening in July, over 600 people packed an auditorium in Boulder, Colorado, for the culmination of the 2015 Unreasonable Institute. They came to watch 12 ventures take the stage and present their solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges…See the video>>

The Pollination  Project

Ayla Schlosser, Resonate, Kigali, Rwanda. Leadership training for Rwanda women.

Resonate is a women’s leadership program anchored in Rwanda. Ayla and her team hope to impact the huge gap between Rwandan women’s leadership at the national level (64% of parliament is female) and at the local level (only 8% of local political leaders are female)…Read more>>

Girls’ Globe

Women Leading Change by Solange Impanoyimana, August 18,2015

Rwanda is ranked among the countries with the fastest growing rate of economic development worldwide – but it hasn’t always been this way. Looking back at my childhood, I grew up observing gender inequalities in my community...Read more>>

Akilah Net

5 Surefire Tips to Seize Career Opportunities by Solange Impanoyimana, July 20, 2015

If I were asked about one of the challenges that my generation is facing today, my answer would be the lack of knowledge on how to seek out opportunities.

Sure skills and degrees are important, but knowing how to connect and seek out opportunities is what converts skills and education into action and employment.  But these skills are rarely developed independently… Read more>>

The Power Of Storytelling- “Resonate” Event On July 22nd, July 6,2015

Resonate builds the capacity of groups focused on women’s skill building and education.

Customized Storytelling for Leadership training is central to their work.  Harnessing the power of storytelling allows women and girls to leverage their knowledge and skills to create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Resonate founder Ayla Schlosser will conduct the unique storytelling and narrative training for an American audience for the very first time. This skill-building opportunity will be followed by an open bar reception on the Lookout’s beautiful rooftop deck overlooking the city. Read more>>

The Huffington Post

Change Your Story, Change Your Life, May 04,2015

Brandon Stanton, a photographer and creator of Humans of New York, set out in 2010 to document the lives of New Yorkers — but his interactions with the strangers he photographs doesn’t always end with a click of the camera… Read more>>


Umurango Resonate wigisha abagore kuvugira mu ruhame no gutinyuka, Gashyantare 19, 2015.

Umuryango Resonate uhugura abana b’abakobwa n’abagore kumenya kwitinyuka, kumenya kuvugira mu ruhame ndetse no kwibona nk’umuyobozi. Mu bagore bagera kuri 500 bamaze guhugura bamwe muri bo bavuga ko hari itandukaniro rinini riri mbere yuko bahugurwa na Resonate ndetse na nyuma yaho bahuguriwe…. Read more>>

A Path Appears

When Our Voices Resonate, December 23, 2014
If women are not comfortable speaking out great ideas can go unheard, and opportunities will be lost. But in order for women like Jackie to have the chance to achieve their full potential, we cannot simply expect them to speak out – we have to give them the tools they need to make their voices resonate… Read more>>

The New Times

Resonate boosts girls’ confidence through storytelling, September 24, 2014
In order to get help, one must ask for it. But in order to speak out especially about your challenges, you must have self confidence. However, according to communication experts, one must get used to expressing their views in order to gain confidence. And this is what Resonate, in partnership with other women organisations, is doing… Read more >>

SXSW Innovators + Social Good

In March 2014 Founder & Executive Director Ayla Schlosser gave a speech at the Innovators + Social Good event held in Austin, TX during the SXSW conference… See the video >>

Storytelling Magazine

2013-2104 Grant Recipients NSN Brimstone Award for Applied Storytelling, Oct – Dec 2013 Newsletter

Resonate: Storytelling for Women’s Leadership
Resonate partners with organizations focused on women’s skill building, growing their capacity by incorporating narrative-based leadership training into existing programming. Resonate will partner with the Akilah Institute for Women in Rwanda, a college that offers a unique model of market-relevant education empowering graduates for success in careers and leadership roles… Read more >>


The Pollination Project: Small Grants Combine to Make Real Change, October 11 2013

One recipient, Ayla Schlosser of California, will be using the Pollination seed money as merely one source of funding for her pilot project that will operate over the course of six months. The project, Resonate, aims to build a future generation of women and girls who have the tools and support they need to live happily, safely, and prosperously through confidence building by narrative… Read more >>

The Pollination Project

Grant announcement on August 22, 2013

Ayla Schlosser was 15 when she realized the power of using her voice and sharing her story.  Since then she’s been a facilitator, trainer, coach and community organizer at the local, state and national level.  She is launching Resonate, a story telling training and leadership development workshop aimed at women around the globe… Read more >>