Storytelling for Leadership

Storytelling for Leadership gives participants the skills and confidence they need to use their personal story to take on a leadership role in their community

Key Skills: Self-advocacy, public speaking, self-confidence
Duration: 16 hours of training

  • Importance of stories in communication
  • Identifying personal values
  • Developing an inspirational personal story (Story of Self)
  • Developing a shared purpose and call to action (Story of Us + Now)

The Storytelling for Leadership course is based on a proven framework developed by Harvard Professor Marshall Ganz.


Action Leadership

Action Leadership gives participants the skills and support they need to develop and take on a community action or project, and the support of peers throughout the process.

Key Skills: Goal setting, peer mentorship, problem solving, community leadership
Duration: 56 hours of training + peer-led sessions

  • Storytelling for Leadership (see above)
  • Goal setting
  • Identifying and building strengths
  • Seeking out opportunities
  • Community Leadership


The Action Leadership course takes place once per month over the course of six months. When done with school students, it is broken into three training sessions over each school holiday break.


Professional Development

The Professional Development training can be tailored to fit the needs and levels of the staff or participants involved.

Key Skills: Goal setting, communication, team management, planning & prioritization
Duration: Flexible

  • Storytelling for Leadership (see above)
  • Choose from the following:
    • Professional Readiness: CV’s, cover letters, & interviews
    • Effective communication
    • Goal setting
    • Identifying and building strengths
    • Team management
    • Planning and prioritization

Resonate also offers one-on-one management coaching or targeted training.


Facilitator’s Training

The Facilitator’s Training course is taught in combination with one of our other core programs to better equip partners to create long-lasting impact by incorporating our leadership development into their programming.

Key Skills: Coaching, facilitation, and active learning methods
Duration: 16 hours of training

  • Coaching and facilitation
  • Practice organizing and leading a training
  • Evaluation and certification

To become a certified Resonate Facilitator, participants will lead a session with Resonate support, and be evaluated and awarded certification based on their performance.