Annual Reports
Resonate – 2016 Annual Report
Resonate – 2015 Annual Report

Impact Numbers

We have partnered with 35 impact organizations in East Africa to train:

  • 2500+ in Storytelling for Leadership
  • Up to 30% increases in self-confidence, comfort speaking publicly, decision-making power, and leadership roles
  • 100% of clients surveyed would recommend our training to others

Impact Story

Francine is a mother of four who lives in Nyarugugu district where she participated in Resonate’s Storytelling for Leadership training along with the other members of her cooperative. Francine, like so many others, had the skills she needed and yet did not believe in her own ability to achieve her goals.

Before, Francine wanted to:

  • Be a community leader
  • Participate in community savings group
  • Achieve her goals, but lacked the self-confidence to do so

After training, Francine:

  • Leads community meetings
  • Participates in a community savings group
  • Ran for and was elected to the position of community mediator

Read more about Francine on our blog.