Location: Muhanga, Rwanda

Partner Organization: Cornerstone Leadership Academy

Before Resonate:

Aline completed her secondary school in Biology, Chemistry and Geography from Cornerstone Academy, where she went through a Storytelling for Leadership training with Resonate.

After Resonate:

A few weeks after the training Aline sent us a text message saying “Thank you so much for your training, it helped me to be confident and I managed to get a job in UAP insurance Rwanda. Thank you for contributing to my success.” Aline is now doing well in her work, and has taken a new interest in community leadership.

In Her Own Words:

“I attended many trainings that inspired me, so I was interested in joining Resonate training to build my story in way that can inspire other people. The skills I gained include self-confidence, value identification, constructing my story, interview skills, and being comfortable talking about myself in front of other people. Before the training I would shake in interviews and get nervous thinking about what I would tell the people interviewing me. After the training I am confident talking about myself in way that I feel more comfortable and free, also in way that whoever is listening would say ‘Wow!’”

“By narrating my personal story, I discovered my values like persistence, forgiveness, and being proactive that I never realize was within me before the training. Knowing my values and who I am took away the fear so that I can be courageous.”