1,330 Reasons to Celebrate

March 08, 2017

Resonate trainings gave me keys to unlock my strengths and overcome my weakness. It reminded me that leadership is not about position but about us scanning an existing problem in the society and gathering our strengths to come up with a solution. Resonate reminded me that falling is an accident but that staying down is a choice.” – Nicole, 18

Nicole is one of 1,330 participants who went through Resonate‘s transformative leadership trainings in 2016. Today, on International Women’s Daywe are celebrating each and every one of the women in our programs who have shown us what it means to #BeBoldForChange.

We are incredibly proud to be supporting amazing female leaders and social change agents like Nicole. In honor of them, we are excited to release our 2016 annual report. We hope you will look through it and be as inspired as we are by the #womenleadingchange.

Ayla, Benigne, Claire, Grace, and Eloise

Megan Madeira