Ayla to Attend the Unreasonable Global Institute

July 01, 2015

Resonate founder and CEO Ayla Schlosser will attend the Unreasonable Global Institute in Boulder, Colorado this July and August. Selected from hundreds of applicants around the world, Ayla will be among 13 innovative entrepreneurs who will be joined by 75 mentors and over 100 funders to grow their organizations and catalyze lasting social change. The Unreasonable Institute works with entrepreneurs to scale solutions to the world’s biggest problems including poverty, lack of education, and social injustice.

Resonate’s selection for this highly sought after program is a testament to the strength of our mission to use storytelling to empower women to lead change. The Unreasonable Institute looks for entrepreneurs who are “willing to ignore the skeptics, to persist through failure, and do whatever it takes to change the world for the better.” Clearly Ayla is exactly the kind of leader they were looking for! The opportunity to participate in this year’s Unreasonable Global Institute is certain to accelerate Resonate’s success. The Resonate team could not be more proud of our founder and friend!

Thank you to all our families, friends, mentors, and funders who support Resonate; to our partners who share in our vision; and especially to our participants whose stories inspire us every day to continue our work.

We are all looking forward to the opportunities that await at the 2015 Unreasonable Global Institute. Check out the full list of incredible organizations that will participate here.

Thank you again for all your support!

– Solange and the Resonate Team

Megan Madeira