Turn the Mic

by: Ayla Schlosser

November 13, 2013

I arrived at the Girl Hub offices on a clear Tuesday morning and began to get myself situated in the bright yellow room where I would spend the next few days working with the newly selected Girl Hub Brand Representatives on personal presentation. I could tell immediately why these women had been selected to be representatives at conferences and events both domestically and internationally. Sarah has a calm and collected presence, Benigne is lively and outgoing, and Pascaline is refreshingly direct. All three of them exude intelligence.

Talking with them about the importance of storytelling as a communication tool is a bit like discussing the importance of good soil with a farmer. Two of them are journalists for Ni Nyampinga, a magazine and radio station for and by girls, and all three of them are used to speaking on behalf of others. They understand the nuance of engaging their audience, and making sure that they accurately represent the people whose stories they tell.

Yet it isn’t often that they are asked to tell their own stories. They sat down to write with a visible interest and determination – and the result was incredible.

Each of them told a story of strength and leadership that showed them in a new light. In addition to being a voice that elevates the stories of others, they were revealing themselves as strong, accomplished, and inspiring women. Sarah talked about using her own story to build trust with those that she interviewed, Benigne about going back to her high school to be a model for other students aspiring to go to University, and Pascaline as a way to encourage others to speak up and pursue their passion.

At the end of our time together, one of them said that having the ability to present herself to the world confidently and eloquently “really changed many things in my career…as a representative of other girls.”

I am sure they will all use the stories of their own strength to propel their own careers forward, and to inspire many others in their paths.

Check back soon for videos of their stories!

Megan Madeira