Realizing My Full Potential

By: Liliane Nsengiyumva 

February 7, 2018

When I was a young girl, I was the kind of kid who was always breaking glasses or jumping on the couch. As a young lady, I had that same restless energy and needed to be working on something every second. But I was looking for some sense of direction to be able to maximize my full potential.

This sense of direction came from Resonate. After discovering my strengths during the workshop I attended through the Imbuto Foundation, I started aiming for higher opportunities. I applied for an internship with Resonate and I passed the interview. In April 2017 my dream came true and I started an internship with the best organization with the best team. I had always dreamed of having a job where people love each other, motivate each other, grow with one another and work together to bring the changes they want to see in the world.

Every Monday we have our team meeting where we share how our weekends were, our plans for the week, and what we are planning to do to take care of ourselves. I cannot think of a better way to start a week than this. During the three months of my internship I never felt like a stranger, I felt welcomed from the first day. The team included me by valuing my ideas and motivating me to acquire as many skills as I could.

Through our professional development reviews every 3 months, we get feedback from our colleagues and our manager. My manager, Claire, has helped me work on my restless energy by teaching me to be more organized, focused, and to pay attention to details. Claire is the type of person who is proactive and always looks for solutions to challenges. As a young professional, I look up to her.

I am constantly impressed by Resonate’s love for one another. We make sure to live up to one of our values, Turi Kumwe, which means we are together. We celebrate each other’s birthdays and have a monthly team activity where we vote for the Hummingbird of the Month, the person who has best embodied our values. I will never forget how happy I was for being the Hummingbird of the Month shortly after I joined the team!

I am now Resonate’s full-time Administrative Associate. I can say that Resonate‘s aim is to not only to grow the organization but also to help its employees grow personally and professionally. It is not only a workplace, but also a family of “sheroes” and sisters.

I am so proud to be contributing to a team that pushes women, including ourselves, to be the changes they want to see in the world. My appreciation goes to my Resonate family who are helping me as I continue to realize my full potential.

Megan Madeira