Age: 27

Location: Muhanga, Rwanda

Partner Organization: Young Women Christian Association (YWCA)

Before Resonate:

Diane had graduated from university and spent a year looking for a job but was unsuccessful in her interviews.

After Resonate:

After the training, Diane was more confident and able to express herself in interviews. She was hired as a researcher at UNHCR. She has also shared the skills she learned from Resonate in a Girls Guides Club that she is a part of in her district. She said, “I believe that if my fellow young women are able to express themselves well, it will help them get good opportunities.”

In Her Own Words:

“Attending Resonate’s training has changed a lot in how I express myself. I used to attend job interviews and was never called back and I had always wondered why. I found the answer in what I learned in the training, that using my personal story when introducing myself was the key to help my interviewers know the person I really am and my values.”

“Before the training, I had spent almost a year unsuccessfully looking for a job but after learning the storytelling skills, I have successfully passed three job interviews. I have realized that the reason for my failures wasn’t that I was not good enough for the job but because I was not answering interview questions in a way that gave the interviewer the opportunity to know that I am good enough for the job. Next month I am starting my new job at UNHCR and it is thanks to the skills learned in the training.”