Age: 23

Partner Organization: Imbuto Foundation

Before Resonate:

Noella wanted to make a difference as a young woman in her village but she didn’t have the confidence to speak up and share her ideas.

After Resonate:

Noella found her confidence and has now been elected as the Youth Representative for her local area. She has also received a promotion from Caregiver to Coordinator at the Early Childhood Development center where she works. One of her professional goals is to be promoted to the province level in the next five years. She said, “I feel very confident about my future. I know some things might require a lot of effort to achieve, but I also know I have all the strength it will take.”

In Her Own Words:

“What I learned in the training has really improved the person I was before. In the training, there were many participants but I felt like the trainer was talking directly to me. What I learned during those two days has contributed greatly to my career improvement. It has helped me to be more effective in my work, especially in communications and reporting. A few months after the training, I was promoted to be the Coordinator for the project that I work for.

“The workshop also increased my confidence when speaking in front of many people, thanks to the group presentations that we did in the workshop. After the workshop, when my village asked for young people to conduct training on “The Contribution of Youth in Building Their Country” I felt I could do it and I volunteered. I confidently delivered the training with other village board members. When local area council elections came around, I ran and got elected because people knew me from the training and believed in me. Today I represent all the youth from my local area.”