Our Team


Norette Turimuci

Executive Director

Norette brings a wealth of experience in program management, strategic planning, and business development to her position as Executive Director. Before joining Resonate, Norette was proud to help improve cancer control for Canadians through her work at the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer in Toronto. In this role, she coordinated three national cancer screening networks and supported initiatives to improve cancer care for Indigenous Peoples. Before moving to Canada, she honed her financial management and client relationship building skills during her eight-year tenure with the Cooke Financial Group, an elite investment group based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Norette graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance with minors in Economics and Spanish from Butler University in Indianapolis, and she holds a Certificate in International Project Management from the University of Toronto. Throughout all of her professional experiences, Norette has always emphasized empowering women and girls, like her daughter, in East Africa and creating future women leaders.


Claire Uwineza

Operations Director

Claire Uwineza is the Operations Director at Resonate, where she leads the organization’s financial planning, business operations, and impact measurement. Claire is a Rwandan leader motivated to bring about change in her home country, and she takes a practical, solutions-oriented approach to making an impact. Claire has an MBA from Oklahoma Christian University, a Certificate in Social Enterprise Management & Impact Investing from Monterey Institute of International Studies, and a broad range of experience spanning project management, finance, program monitoring and evaluation, and customer care. Claire has made significant contributions in both development and business. Prior to joining Resonate she worked with Oxfam and World Vision Rwanda before serving as the Manager of the Discover Rwanda Youth Hostel. She takes a particular interest in tackling challenges creatively and building the capacity of others to realize their full potential.

Claire is an active member of her community. She serves as a mentor for the Bridge2Rwanda program, where she mentors young women before they go to college in the US, and is a member of Acts of Gratitude as a way to give back to the community.

Her aspirations is to live in world where women and girls believe in their dreams, can raise their voices without fear, and can run successful businesses.


Nancy Sibo

Program Manager

Nancy Holds a Master of Science degree in Global Health Delivery from the University of Global Health Equity. She is passionate about leadership and social entrepreneurship and in finding lasting solutions to problems in communities especially those affecting young girls and women Rwanda.

Prior to joining Resonate, Nancy worked with Integrated Polytechnic Regional College where she was involved in undergraduate teaching using learner centered methodology, conducting curriculum review, and leading research. She has over three years of experience working directly with grassroots communities, focusing on education and empowerment. She blogs to share experiences and agribusiness news to spark people’s interest in Agriculture and Agribusiness as a way of reducing the unemployment rate across Africa. Her long-term goal is to accelerate solutions that address harmful risks surrounding humans and their living environment in Rwanda.


Liliane Nsengiyumva

Administrative Associate

Liliane previously served as Resonate’s Impact Intern. She was a participant in Resonate’s leadership workshops through the Imbuto Foundation, and was impressed with how Resonate is changing the lives of numerous women and girls in Rwanda. Liliane is a Toastmaster, a public speaker and a competent leader Toastmasters’ projects. She previously worked for Fiatope Digital Solution in charge of administration support. She has a background in project management through her recent work with Ishyo Arts Center in their local and international art projects, working with different experts to grow the art industry in Rwanda. Liliane is a graduate in Real Estate Management and Valuation from the University of Rwanda.

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Délice Fatiro

Programs Associate

Délice Fatiro is a student at Southern New Hampshire University through Kepler University, pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Logistics and Operations. She participated in a Professional Readiness and Storytelling for Leadership workshop with Resonate and was impressed by how a simple story can significantly change a person’s life. Resonate’s Mission and Vision aligns with hers and hence has kept in touch with them after the workshop.

Délice is a determined young woman and an aspiring leader who is looking for an opportunity to help the community grow, especially young girls and a chance of personal growth in the process, because she believes that every master was once a beginner.


Dalia Elmelige

Communications and Development Fellow

Dalia graduated from the University of Bristol, where she earned an MSc in Development and Security with the support of the Fulbright program. In addition to her studies, Dalia conducted field research on refugee securitization and identity at the Skaramangas camp in Athens, Greece. Dalia graduated from the University of South Florida with a BA in International Studies and a BA in Anthropology, completing her degrees in three years. Her previous experience includes work with refugees in Denmark, leadership with Initiatives of Change in Switzerland, ISIS research at the Carter Center, and international religious freedom advocacy in the Department of State. Dalia is incredibly passionate about grassroots programs and continues to develop her skills with plans of starting one herself.