Training of Facilitators Launch Event

Introducing Resonate’s new Training of Facilitators Program!

Through the Training of Facilitators program, partner organizations can amplify the impact of their own programs by directly integrating Resonate’s unique and proven confidence and leadership-building content and methodology. The program will also serve as a professional development opportunity for high-potential employees of partner organizations by building their facilitation and leadership skills.

On September 27th, Resonate celebrated the launch of its new program at the Galaxy Hotel with leaders from various industries throughout Kigali who came to enjoy the event. The program featured speakers from Resonate’s partners organizations, including Antoinette Uwimana from Women for Women International (Country Director), Peninah Abatoni from Rwanda Women’s Network (Manager), and Mary Maina from Cricket Builds Hope (Program Manager). The purpose of the event was to introduce Resonate’s new Training of Facilitators program as well as provide an overview of the other programs Resonate has to offer.

Mary Maina from Cricket Builds Hopes spoke about the life changing impact that Resonate has had in her own program.

"I've been a facilitator for a long time but I had mostly worked with young, educated people... But with Resonate I learned the importance of getting my message to uneducated, underserved people…The impact is mind-blowing. One of our participants is young with 2 kids. She was uneducated with no help from her family. During our program, she got herself a full-time job because she believed in herself. She inspires me to do more."

For Peninah Abatoni of Rwanda’s Women’s Network, the confidence and leadership skills Resonate’s programs had instilled in their participants had tangible results both in her life and those of the participants she worked with.  

"Through my journey with Resonate I have learned a lot in knowing my vision, knowing my values, and knowing where I want to go."

"After the first Resonate training, 3 girls went back to school. After the second training, we saw 2 girls get jobs.. The women have changed because they know they want to become someone in the future."

Antoinette Uwimana from Women for Women International capped off the speeches that night by talking about the wider impact of Resonate’s workshops, not just in the lives of the women and youth who go through the programs but the ripple effect for their communities as well.

"The changes from Resonate is not public speaking... The change is the impact our women have in their communities."

"In 2016, there were local elections in Rwanda. After Resonate's training, we counted 231 women who went on to be elected across the country."

The speeches were accompanied by a demonstration of the Storytelling for Leadership Program led by Resonate’s own facilitator, Musoni Munyangango, and a performance by 2017 Canada Juno Award Winner Nicolas Peks. Introducing the event, Resonate’s Country Director, Norette Turimuci, said,

“It is incredibly humbling to be part of Resonate’s work in shifting the gender landscape in Africa where women can be empowered and proactive to create the changes they want to see in their lives and their communities. We are excited to launch the Training of Facilitators program, which will allow us to reach far beyond the 5,000 women and youth that we have trained so far, and to amply the impact of our partner organizations in East Africa and beyond.”

To learn more about the new Training of Facilitators program, feel free to get in touch and learn more about how to amplify your impact!

Dalia Elmelige